How to Order

To order any of the photographs on this site, please go to the gallery where the photo is located, and then click on the thumbnail version of the photo. This will take you to a larger version of the photo, which has a "BUY NOW" button. When you click on this button, that photo will be added to your personal shopping cart. You then may continue shopping, or proceed to the secure checkout page where you can purchase the photo using the Paypal service.

If you are uncomfortable using the Paypal service or the web for an order, please email me at: or call me at 303-588-5716 to discuss alternative ways to order.

Pricing for these photos falls into two categories. For larger images, which are 16 x 16 and 16 x 20, the price is $175.00. For smaller images, which are 12 x 12 and 12 x 16, the price is $125. Shipping costs will be calculated by the shopping cart, with multiple image orders receiving a discount on shipping.

All of the pictures featured on this site are completely hand printed in my own darkroom. We typically have 16 x 20 and 12 x 16 sizes in stock. If you desire a larger or smaller size, please email me to discuss your size requirements and pricing for a custom order.


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