Artist Statement

“My wish is to partake of the “hush” experienced on the first glimpse of the Unicorn in the wood. The stuff of mythology and the substance of the earth’s atmosphere are of the intangible… Who has not, at certain times and in certain terrain, felt the stillness of atmosphere that places a hush on the land? And who has not been affected by that unique agitation generated by the light of the full moon? Permeating the arid deserts and attending the cyclic lappings of water at the shores of seas and lakes is the pulse and breath of the Earth itself…” Paul Caponigro

I too, am looking for the unicorn in the wood, or that place and view that speaks to my soul and makes me shiver with the beauty that I see. The other worldly nature of the infrared medium helps me to convey the sense of wonder that I felt when I formed the images you will find in this site. I am also intrigued by the remnants of prior lives that I come upon in my travels of the woods, and always wonder about the stories that have taken place on this land before I arrived to find the remainders.





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